27 Markets Membership

27 Markets Membership

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R 200.00

We're helping traders reach more customers and sell more goods through a coordinated crowd-sourced marketing effort involving markets, traders, advertisers, and the public.

Your 27 Markets membership costs R200/ month* 

You get: 

  • Registration on the National Traders Database
  • Organic and Paid Marketing of the Facebook Group 
  • Access to the Facebook Group for value-add services 
  • Tech secrets workshop to help you build your database and market your business
  • Group zoom calls with business coaches and product experts

*From time to time, we receive a generous donation from a company that sponsors a block of discount codes, applying one of these codes at check-out means you pay just R27 for registration!

These will be announced in the Facebook Group from time-to-time

Happy trading!  See you on the inside.

p.s. if you're in the fortunate position and able to sponsor a block of discount codes for other traders to benefit from, please click here