Melkbosstrand Business Directory

How to close more business using Facebook.

We interviewed local business owners and residents to see how much business really gets done on Facebook. 

Local business owner: I can't understand why my community isn't using me more often.  I do a really good job, at an affordable price.  My word of mouth referrals are great, but I need more work! 

Local resident: I really struggle to find local service providers who want to do the job!

We ran a social experiment to understand the pain from both sides. 

Within a few hours, we received 50 Comments, recommending 24 businesses with only recommendations based in Melkbosstrand!


Pain points

  • Local business
    • Not on Facebook to see and react to Tags and mentions
    • Advertising is expensive and confusing
    • Businesses from other areas get to the leads first
    • My community should be using us more! 
  • Consumer/ home owner 
    • I want to support local, but I don't know who the local electricians are
    • I'm wary of being scammed by businesses outside of the area
    • A rating system would be cool! 

The Solution: 

  • We've created an interactive directory for Melkbosstrand - underpinned with an advertising engine
  • We notify you right away when a community member is looking for your services.  
  • We drive word of mouth referrals within the community

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