Bryan Douglas-Henry founded Community First Network in 2016, to serve the SME market with technology solutions gained from over 25 years IT experience, primarily in the Healthcare industry, also manufacturing, logistics, communications and cosmetics.

Bryan's been 'working from home' for over 10 years and has assembled a team of experts, who provide services such as coaching, finance, legal, design and technical.

Bryan's specialties lie in designing and implementing integrated marketing automation solutions using various cloud-based technologies.

His favourite phrase is "Necessity is the mother of all invention.  How can I help you today?"

Together with the book "The One Thing" by Gary Keller - and the unrelenting support and guidance of his business coache and network, Bryan has managed to thrive in 2021.
"Build it, and they will come" has proven to be one of the success phrases that has seen him scale his business from near failure in 2020, to providing an integrated CRM solution to one of the Big 5 Real Estate groups in South Africa. 

Bryan is an 'industry solutions architect' from the Health Care Industry, where he headed a team, processing over 4 million medical aid claims per month.

He is now focused on sales automation in the real estate industry.