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WhatsApp is the #1 app downloaded in South Africa 



WhatsApp has a higher engagement rate than any other channel! 



We've created the Community First Network WhatsApp Channel to help SMEs, business owners and sales agents connect with clients over WhatsApp.

  • No contracts
  • No setup fee
  • No monthly fees
  • No funny business 


What you get:

When you sign up and create a business profile, we send you a link to share with your contacts/ advertising team, social media profile, printed flyers etc. 

Example use case: Solar quotation request 

  1. The home owner sees your advert on social media and clicks a link to start the WhatsApp conversation with us using your business code.
  2. They opt in with us (we will never share their information with anybody without their consent) - in this case, we gain consent to share their contact info with you.
  3. We show them your brochure and ask what products they'd like a quote on.   
  4. We send YOU a message on WhatsApp with the home owner's details and what they want a quote on - including a pin to their location - and a link to instantly connect with them on WhatsApp.  
  5. All you need to do is confirm a suitable date & time to visit them.






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